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Taurus TX22

Engineered to deliver best-in-class accuracy and reliability, this rimfire polymer sporting pistol shoots and feels every bit like a custom-tuned competition model-without any costly upgrades or modifications. From the short, smooth pull of its precision-designed Taurus Pittman Trigger System (PTS) to the built-in comfort of its ergonomic grip, the TX22 is one performance-driven full size that’s ready to race- right out of the box. Find the Taurus TX22 for sale here.



Taurus G2c

The Taurus G2c might be the best carry gun. Don’t let its price fool you, this handgun is affordable, but has a lot more to offer than you’d think. It was engineered specifically for everyday carry-and it delivers. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you’ll find that our family of G2c pistols strike the perfect balance between comfort and confidence in any situation.



Founded in 1982, Taurus firearms have been producing some of the industry’s best personal protection sidearms for decades. A Brazilian owned firearm manufacturer’s most well known accomplishment is the Judge, a revolver that chambers 45 Colt and 410 Bore shotshells. This wheelgun became famous when news reports revealed Florida judges in high crime areas carried it. Not only known for premium revolvers, this company also manufactures exceptional pistols like the Taurus G2C, a deadly accurate and ultra reliable semi auto sidearm. From 22LR pistols to the dual chambered Judge, Taurus guns come in the configuration you need for virtually any shooting engagement. taurusgunsusa.com carries a broad selection of models to choose from, including Taurus revolvers and semi-auto pistols for your home defense and personal protection requirements.